Co-operative Education Programme

The University of Central Asia's (UCA) Co-operative Education Programme is a work integrated learning programme where students apply in-class learning to real life professional experiences within the field of study across private, public, and community-based sectors. This programme offers paid and non-paid internships and prepares students for both academic and career success beyond university. UCA's Co-op Programme was developed in partnership with the University of Victoria, Canada.

UCA's Co-operative Education Programme offers:

  • Experiential learning in the workplace
  • Application of knowledge and skills in practice
  • Networking with the professionals
  • Professional Development course
  • Full or part time summer and winter job placements
  • 9 months of work experience
  • On-campus employment

UCA Communications and Media undergraduate student, Zarrina Gafurova, had the opportunity of a lifetime to complete her internship at Nielsen Admosphere in Prague (Czech Republic) as part of UCA's Cooperative Education Programme.

"My journey started with a simple desire to explore something unfamiliar and challenge my comfort zone. And what can be more offbeat than data science for a media student, who knows how to juggle words rather than numbers? This is how I ended up doing an internship in one of the leading media research companies in the world."
Read her full story

The programme is mandatory for UCA undergraduate students. It is an innovative immersion initiative that creates opportunities for students to experience the working world, domestically and internationally, via structured job placements in three consecutive summers during your five-year university education.

Learning takes place throughout the process, from seeking employment, to learning valuable interpersonal skills and on the job training, as well as participating in field studies and jointly conducting competency development evaluations.

  • A sequence of work and academic periods
  • Monetary compensation for the work done, which maintains both employer and student engagement
  • An evaluation of the student's and employer's performance over the course of the work term; and
  • Faculty engagement in the cooperative education program. In the cooperative education programme, the work of the student is supervised by an employer and monitored by the academic institution.

The work-integrated learning model allows the application of theoretical classroom knowledge in a professional environment and involves UCA faculty in programme implementation to ensure educational continuity. Students have an opportunity to apply for placements in fields such as communications and marketing, monitoring and evaluation, business, finance, information technology, geographic information systems, project management, research, human resources, and education.

In 2019, 300 work placements were available in 94 companies including international, government and non-governmental organisations, and private companies.

Key 2019 Co-op Programme Partners

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